Abundant Travel Tips: Ski Jackets & Boarding Pass Tips

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Only One Week of Shopping Left before Christmas!

Santa is almost here; have you been naughty or nice this year?  I’m excited to be spending my Christmas in Austin, and I’m looking forward to checking out all the activities here in town.  I plan to kayak on Lady Bird Lake in the morning and enjoy lunch with friends at Hotel ZaZa. I’ll miss spending time with my Dad, but I am excited not to be fighting the airport crowds. Speaking of airports, this week, I’m sharing a couple boarding pass tips to keep you safe and your stress level to a minimum. I’m also sharing some last minute shopping ideas for anyone who travels. Finally, this week’s YouTube video shares valuable information about what to look for when buying a ski jacket as well as some great brands and styles at different price points.

Last Minute Shopping & Travel

If you still need gifts or stocking stuffers for your favorite traveler, remember to check out my shop page to get some great ideas. If you’re looking for last minute travel, check out my resources page for links to excursions, travel insurance, hotels and car rentals.

Flight Boarding Pass Tips

We have so much information on our phones these day, including important travel documents like copies of our passports and boarding passes.  When traveling internationally, even if your boarding pass is on your phone, you always want to keep a paper copy of your boarding pass for all of your flights. What if your phone runs out of battery, or the screen gets smashed, and crazy enough, some airlines still don’t allow electronic boarding passes. Over the past couple years, I’ve heard several horror stories of people not being able to board their flight because they had an issue with their phone. Why add the additional stress to your travels, when you can simply print a copy your boarding pass before you leave home? Another tip to remember is to always destroy your boarding pass, not simply throw it away.  Each boarding pass has valuable personal information, and you don’t want that information to “land” in the wrong hands. Additionally, don’t take a selfie with your boarding pass and post it on social media, as that’s sharing your personal data with the world! And my final tip is for the travel hacker: Make sure to keep your boarding pass until your airline miles post.  Happy Flying!

Boarding Pass Tips, The Abundant Traveler

Last Minute Traveler Gifts

Traveler Holiday Gifts, The Abundant Travel Tips

It’s the week before Christmas, and we’re all scrambling to find the perfect last minute gift. Make sure to check out my blog post and video for some great last minute gift ideas. From my Bose Earbuds to my favorite reading glasses, this list will help you knock out the last of your Christmas Gift List.

Let's Go Skiing!

As soon as Christmas is over, I start pulling out my ski gear, as love to ski in mid-January and early February.  Everyone knows I snow ski, and I continually have friends asking me, “What ski pants do you wear?”  “Do you wear a helmet?” and  “What’s your favorite ski jacket?”  Well, in this week’s YouTube video, I introduce you to several ski jackets including my personal favorite, along with what I think is important when buying a new ski coat. Make sure to watch to the end for some silly bloopers!

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