Abundant Travel Tips: Road Trip Croatia & Solo Travel Tips

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It's Tuesday Travel Tribe!

I’m back in your inbox: it’s Travel Tuesday #33!  I hope your travels have been easier and more often with my weekly tips. This week, I’m sharing a new facet of Google translate that I just learned as well as a new solo travel tip.  And of course, I’m sharing our crazy road trip through Croatia on my YouTube Channel.

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Google Translate

Google Translate, Abundant Travel Tips

I’ve been a fan of Google translate for ages, but I never knew there was this cool camera icon in the top left corner. If you click this icon, your camera pops up; then you hover your phone over the foreign words and Google Translate translates the page in real time!  What?! That’s A-mazing!!! How does Google do it?  I have no idea, but I’m grateful that I will never struggle with a foreign language menu again. Ps. Don’t laugh at me if you are!

Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel, Abundant Travel Tips

This week, I met a group of ladies from Wanderful (a women’s travel organization) for brunch, and we discussed ways “to not be lonely” when traveling solo.  I’ve discussed this topic before, but I wanted to share a couple websites we discussed for meeting new people while traveling.  I know you’re familiar with the first, but have you ever considered using Meetup.com while traveling?  It’s a great way to connect with locals and travelers with your same interests.  You may consider this site cheezy in your hometown, but it’s a great resource while traveling.  The second site is internations.org.  This is fantastic organization and website for ex-pats and foreigners temporarily living in other countries.  I love the Internations group in Austin because it’s all foreigners living in Austin…and me.  At their events, I get a dose of travel, politics and life perspectives that I wouldn’t normally have at home.

Girls' Road Trip Through Croatia

This week, I’m sharing our road trip shenanigans with Leslie, Denise & Janet.  We rented a car and took the day to drive between Split, Croatia and Plitvice Lakes National Park.  This one will definitely make you laugh.

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