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Q&A: Your questions answered

Happy Tuesday from The Alps.  This week, I’m hiking Mont Blanc which borders Switzerland, Italy and France.  “The hills are alive, with the sound of music…..la la la la”.  Oh wait, that’s the Alps in Austria 🙂  Anyway, I love receiving your questions, and hope that my experiences help make your travels easier. Today, I’m answering 3 of your questions concerning ATMs, charging all those electronics and where to keep your passport.

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ATMs with no foreign transaction fees

How can I save money with ATM fees while traveling overseas, you ask?  Living in the US is extremely efficient and convenient as long as you stay in the US; however, traveling overseas can be expensive with foreign cell phone charges, bank fees and foreign transaction fees.  Personally, I bank with a credit union and Wells Fargo, and I am charged 1% and 4% respectively for foreign ATM withdrawals.  That really chaps my you know what!  I’ve found a great alternative to these ridiculous fees. Charles Schwab has a no foreign ATM checking account. I’ve learned that it’s easy to open, you don’t have to keep a balance, and there’s no foreign transaction fees. I’m considering opening an account, and putting money in it only when I travel.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Favorite Charger

How do I charge all my camera equipment, phones, lighting, and noise cancelling ear buds?  Over the years, I’ve tried out several chargers. One plug chargers, 2 USB port chargers, chargers that glow in the dark (bad idea!) and chargers that took up both plugs in the wall. It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally found THE ONE! – and I’m so in love with the NOOT charger.  It has 6 USB ports so I can charge everything at once.  Additionally, it has an extension cord so it doesn’t take up all the space at the actual plug, and the extension cord allows me to neatly lay out all my electronics.  Skip the rest and go to the best; you gotta try the NOOT!

Where to keep your passport

A lady contacted me through YouTube and asked where do I keep my passport when I travel.  Do I carry it with me everyday?  Do I leave it in the hotel safe?  Or do I hide it in my clothes?  Personally, I carry my passport as little as possible; I like to leave it in a safe at the hotel or airbnb. I will always carry a form of ID on my person because you never know what might happen. However, I tend to use my global entry card which is my 3rd form of identification, and not a big deal if it gets lost or stolen. The most important form of identification you have is your passport; you cannot enter or leave a country without it. The second most important form of identification is your DL, so I want to make sure both of these are safe in the hotel at all times. Unless you’re buying VAT tax back luxury products, you don’t need to carry your passport and run the risk of losing it.

This week’s YouTube video: a Q & A!

If you feel like watching more questions and answers, you’re in luck! This was recorded almost a year ago so it’s a throwback. Do you have travel questions you want answered? Reply to this email with them and I’ll be sure to include them in my next segment. 🙂

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