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Mountains or Beach? Which do you prefer? Both!

Last week, I missed a week of skiing, and this week is the world’s hardest downhill race in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Can you tell I have skiing on my mind :). This week, I’ll introduce you to the Hahnenkamm, as well as share my first podcast interview. And for those who prefer the beach to the mountains, I have a great new article about the top 21 things to do in Split, Croatia.

The Hahnenkamm

In my 20’s, I was a ski instructor in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Yes, it’s hard to believe that now, but what a wild ride it was. Speaking of a wild ride, the world’s most dangerous ski race is this weekend in Kitzbuhel, and it’s called the Hahnenkamm (the mountain’s name), and it’s held on the Streif (the actual ski run). Check out this video to see how scary this course is.  You can google ‘ski crashes’ at the Hahnenkamm for nail biting tumbles, or, check out this old video of Chad Fleischer’s crash. I was actually course-side, just to the left of the red gate, and photographed this crash from a mere 30ft away in 1995. This race is so dangerous that normal people like us are NOT advised to ski the actual course days before or after the race, and I don’t recommend skiing the course AT ALL! Once, I did ski the actual course about 2 months after the race. I fell and was sliding off a cliff to my death, when my then boyfriend, grabbed the tip of my ski and stopped me from going over the edge. This race scares the b-Jesus out of the best men skiers in the world. It’s a great party, but steer clear of the race course. Make sure to watch the race this weekend on your favorite sports channels!

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Top 21 things to do in Split, Croatia

I’ve been chatting a lot about Croatia recently, and it’s an incredible country if you love The Mediterranean lifestyle, and you are looking for a value driven vacation. Croatia is actually on the Adriatic. I think spending time in Split is better than Dubrovnik because there are less tourists, fewer cruise ships and it’s a larger city to absorb the tourists that are there. Split is also a great jumping-off point for all of your Croatian island-hopping. Check out this week’s blog post on the 21 Best Things to do in Split.

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I was a guest on a Podcast!

This week’s video is truly unique. I had my first podcast interview with Monick Halm of Real Estate Investor Goddesses. Check out my video, featured blog post and the podcast.

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