Abundant Travel Tips: Mont Blanc Part 2 & Champex, Switzerland

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The Swiss Alps-stunning beauty!

Happy Tuesday Travels everyone.  I’m sitting in the Copenhagen Airport, and it’s 5am to me. It’s been an epic trip to the French Riviera and The Baltic Sea with my friend Georgeanne (The Downtown Doctor).  I’m happily headed back to Austin, and cannot wait to see everyone-and eat at Taco Deli!!!  This week, I’m keeping it short and simple.

Airplane Must-haves

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Champex, Switzerland

When you decide to hike the Tour de Mont Blanc, Champex is a must overnight stop, and you might add a rest day.  At Almost 5000ft, this charming alpine village with the most beautiful little lake has everything and nothing all at the same time.  It has everything you imagine in a Swiss town, yet only has about 8 restaurants and 1 small local grocery store.  It’s the perfect place to kick back, relax and piddle around the tiny lake.  I recommend staying at the Hotel Spendid; it’s on the edge of town, but it has the most view from it’s outdoor patio.  

Again, I said I’d keep it short and sweet this week, so my tip of the week is to put Champex on your bucket list.

Champex, Switzerland Mountains, Abundant Travel Tips
Champex, Switzerland, Abunant Travel Tips

This week’s YouTube video: Day 2, hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

This is part 2 of my Tour du Mont Blanc, where we hiked between Martigny and Champex Lac in Switzerland.  This was the most stunning day of green hillsides and Sound of Music beauty.  Make sure to subscribe, and give this video a thumbs up.  Enjoy 🙂

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