Abundant Travel Tips: Lost Parrot Cabins & Opening Countries

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Are you ready for the world to open back up?

Happy Tuesday Travels.  It’s been a couple weeks since I checked in, and I’m happy to be back in your inbox.  Life has been hectic the past couple weeks as life begins to return to the ‘new normal’.  Honestly, it’s been a little challenging for me to return to the more reactive, stressful life.  I really need to take a step back, and access what I loved about the lockdown, then bring those positives forward as life returns to the ‘new normal’.   What are your thoughts on the new normal?  Are you ready for travel post COVID?

This week I have an exclusive Austin staycation for you as well as some great articles about how countries are re-opening.  Make sure to keep reading….

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Open Seseme!

Many countries are beginning to open their travel doors post COVID.  Iceland is one of the first countries to allow international flights and visitors again, and I found this article outlining the details (Iceland re-opening its borders).  I also found a great article from the NY Times outlining re-opening details throughout Europe.  Let me know what you think about these re-openings; are you ready to travel internationally?

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Staycation video

This week’s video is exclusive to you and my Patreon members.  If you are looking for an Austin staycation, this is a fun, kitchy spot about 20min drive from downtown.  If you need something different, and want an instagram worthy spot, The Lost Parrot Cabins is the place for you.

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