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Free Free Free!

This week I’ve been booking reservations and excursions for my trip to the French Riviera and Windstar Baltic Cruise.  Yes, I have the opportunity to travel often, but it’s taken years to create this lifestyle.  Travel has always been important to me, but now it’s a priority, and I do what I can to travel as often as possible without breaking the bank.  For these 2 trips, my hotels are with points, and I booked the Windstar Cruise when it was on sale.  I also booked my international flights with airline points.  Savings so far?  About $9,800 USD.   Yes, you read that correctly :).  This week I’m sharing a few tips to save you money, Free Walking Tours, another great credit card and some articles about free things to do in famous cities.

Carry-On Items

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Free Walking Tours

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I’m taking a Windstar Baltic Cruise in a couple weeks, and although I’m not a big cruiser, I do want to make the best use of my short time at each port of call. Keeping my options more economic and way less people, I tend to book excursions on my own rather than through the cruise line.  I’ve combined my independent travel ideas with the luxury of my floating hotel by booking Free Walking Tours. Free Walking Tours use to be a rare commodity, but most major tourist cities now have multiple options to enjoy. There’s even one in Austin called Tipster. The concept is simple, you book online and the tour is free; if you enjoy the tour, then you tip your guide….generously. I’ve found most of my guides have been friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic about their city. I recommend Freetour.com, or just google “free walking tours” in your destination city.

Platinum American Express

Yes, I know I said I’d talk about free stuff this week, and the Platinum Amex is $450/year.  However, in my opinion, the free perks outweigh the cost, especially with the Priority Plus Lounge access. Priority Plus has over 1200 lounges in 130 countries where you can have free food, free wifi, free cocktails, comfy chairs and clean bathrooms (and sometimes a shower). Now that’s what I’m talking about! 🙂 Check out the Points Guy’s recent review of the Platinum Amex.

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Free stuff in Major Cities

I always read articles about free things to do in a city before I visit.  These articles are great because they provide beautiful sites that are usually a little off the beaten path.  Below are a few articles I found about free things to do in major European cities.

Planet D – Rome
Visit London – London
Solo Sophie – Paris
Runner Bean Tours – Barcelona 
Great Value Vacations – Munich
Matador Network – Madrid
Visit Florence – Florence 

This week’s YouTube video: London Vlog

Stylistically, this video is a bit different, as it’s more of a vlog about my time in London.  Enjoy, and I’d love your feedback.

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