Abundant Travel Tips: Jet Leg and London Travel

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Travel Musings and Curiosities

I’ve just returned from my Tour de Mont Blanc where I hiked from France to Switzerland and Switzerland to Italy, (check out some fun photos on my instagram stories!) It was an incredible trip, and I was so happy to be back in the Alps. I’ve been home 5 days and I’ve had terrible  jet lag and exhaustion from the hiking! (Oh no, does that mean I’m getting old?) More to come on this hiking trip, but this week’s musings are touching on my previous theme of Jet lag and my curiosity about the red London phone booths.  This week’s YouTube video is your guide to everything you need to know about traveling to London.

Carry-On Items

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New Jet Lag Tip

I thought I had scheduled the perfect flight home from Geneva after hiking Mont Blanc: 6:50am from Geneva to Frankfurt, and 10:10am Frankfurt arriving in Austin at 2:20pm.  Well, I was wrong. The 6:50 am flight caused me to wake up at 3:45am in Geneva which was 8:45 pm in Austin. I then proceeded to stay up all day, which was all night Austin time. What I should have done was fly to Frankfurt the night before and had a good nights sleep in an airport hotel. It didn’t matter where I was spending the last night, and the extra 4hr sleep would have eliminated a ton of my jet lag. If I had stayed in Frankfurt, I could have popped out of bed at 7:30am, headed to the airport, and flown home fresh as a daisy. Moral of the story, pay attention to your flight schedule! Especially, if you are flexible with your travel days, you can find excellent schedules and connections.

England's Iconic Red Phone Boxes

London Red Phone Box

The English love their history and are nostalgic for the past, but what about those bright red phone boxes?  Since we all have cell phones, they really don’t serve a purpose anymore….or do they?  I was curious about these iconic “superman booths” so I googled their history and current uses.  Thought you’d enjoy knowing a bit more about them as well.  

This week’s YouTube video: Everything you need to know about traveling to London

Living in London was a blast!  Personally, when I visit, I simply wander the streets, and just take it all in.  On my recent trip, I thought, traveling to London may be easy, but there are still so many differences and tons of things someone needs to know.  Hence, I created this video to help YOU navigate your first trip.  Enjoy!

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