Abundant Travel Tips: Hygge & Activated Charcoal for Travel

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What the heck is Hygge?!

Hello fall!  Ok the rest of the country has seen cooler weather and changing leaves, but Austin finally dropped below 100 degrees, and we are all jumping for joy!  With the change in light and the change in weather, I’m ready for some HYGGE – (Read on to find out what the heck that is.) This week, I’m also sharing a great supplement that should be in everyone’s carry on.  There won’t be a YouTube video until later this week, so make sure to Subscribe and ring the notification bell, so you won’t miss out.

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What the heck is Hygge?!  Well, it’s similar to last week’s Fika, but Hygge is the act of coziness in Denmark.  Pronounced HOO-GAH, and means creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Think of sitting on a plush sofa with a warm crackling fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket sipping a delicious glass of red wine with your significant other or best friend while petting your golden retriever laying at your feet.  Now, that’s Hygge!  Of course, Hygee Texas style would be having a gigantic picnic with friends serving plenty of BBQ, laughter and free-flowing wine and beer.   Hygge is originally a Norwegian word, but was first mentioned in the 18th century in Denmark, and Denmark is the country that made the word famous.  If you are headed to Copenhagen, or anywhere else in this charming country, make sure to take time to Hygge.  Here’s an interesting article on Hygge from the Visit Denmark site.

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Activated Charcoal

There are several supplements and remedies that I take on every trip, but Activated Charcoal is one of my must haves that people aren’t always aware of.  This is a great supplement for tummy aches, food poisoning or other “Montezuma’s revenge” issues.  I carry 10-15 capsules with me in a small ziplock back, so I’m ready for any crisis or emergency.  I recently read this great article about other supplements to carry while traveling….it’s worth checking out.

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