Abundant Travel Tips: Father’s Day Gifts & Hawaii

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Wowza! Hawaii was amazing!

I’m back from Hawaii, and WOW!, what an amazing place.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been to more than 60 countries yet never visited Hawaii.  I had an absolute blast visiting all the hot spots in Maui and Oahu.  In Maui, I hit Mama’s Fish Housesunset at Haleakala, Upcountry and took the 600 plus turns to Hana.  There was so much to do in Maui, and I didn’t spend any time lounging at the beach…then again, I’ve never been a lounge lizard 🙂   On Oahu, I visited Pearl Harbor, visited the most incredible beach called Makapu’u, and crossed off one of my major bucket list items.  I surfed Waikiki Beach…and I stood up!!!!  photo below.  Stay tuned for great videos from Maui and Oahu including know before you go, packing lists and my adventures with Air Maui.

I loved Hawaii because you could still feel the Hawaiian culture.  You can hear the Hawaiian  language spoken everywhere, and the islands have such an interesting history.  It was such a treat to finally see what was always in my own back yard.

Below are a couple tips for your next trip to Hawaii:

  1. It’s in the middle of the Pacific, and the time zone is 5hr difference from CST.  You will have jet lag, so be prepared.
  2. I found most things start early in the morning, and the towns shut down early in the evening.  It’s definitely a place to be active during the day.
  3. Hawaii is very expensive, but some of the best food I had was at food trucks.  $15 for a fresh Mahi or Ono or shrimp served with rice and salad.
  4. Stay on the west side or Leeward sides of the islands.  The weather is calmer and dryer.  Of course, visit the east or windward side to see the professional surfers and tropical rain forests.
  5. Plan on at least a week per island you visit.  I felt that 7 days was enough for Maui, but 4 days wasn’t enough for Oahu.

Below is a photo from my surf lesson on Waikiki Beach.  This was a MAJOR bucket list item for me, and I had SO SO SO much fun!  Check out my bucket list here.

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Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I always struggle to find something fun and interesting for Dad.  This year, I solved my dilemma by searching for men’s travel gifts on Amazon.  After all of my searching, I decided to  create the below 2 videos for men’s travel gifts.  One video is for gifts under $20 and one for gifts over $20.  If you need a gift for Father’s Day, watch the videos and click the links in the descriptions on YouTube or click the links to my website  Over $20Under $20.

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