Abundant Travel Tips: Croatia Know Before You Go & Travel Scarf

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Happy Tuesday Travel Tribe!

Happy gorgeous Austin weather!  Wow, what an amazing few days in the ATX!  We’ve been enjoying hiking and visits to the hill country.  This week, I’m sharing one of my favorite travel scarves as well as one way to stay healthy on the plane. Also, this week’s YouTube video is sharing my tips for traveling to Croatia for the first time.

My favorite gear on Amazon

Stop by The Abundant Traveler shop page to see some of my favorite travel gear; I’m so grateful when you go to Amazon through The Abundant Traveler website.  Any item you click on the shop page takes you directly to Amazon, and the brand makes a small commission on all your Amazon purchases for a 24hr period.  It doesn’t cost you a thing, but it is a huge help as we continue to give value to travelers with The Abundant Traveler.

Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf

As I travel the world, I’m always looking for a new jacket or pair of pants that will make my travels easier.  Recently, I found this amazing infinity scarf that has a hidden zippered pocket where I can carry my hotel key, passport, phone and money.  It’s perfect because I don’t even need a purse when I wear this scarf, and my things are safe from those pesky pick pockets.  There are some cheap imitations, but I think Waypoint Goods has the highest quality scarf as well as a great story.  Listen to the founder’s story on Jetset Lisettes Podcast.

Waypoint Goods Scarf, Abundant Travel Tips

Nayasa Oil

Nasya Oil, Abundant Travel Tips

We all know that planes are filthy! 85% recycled air, sticky fingerprints on the armrests and crumbs in your seat. If you really thought about it, it’s so disgusting that you might never fly again. One of the ways I avoid all the germs on a plane is with an Ayurvedic product called Nayasa Oil. 15 years ago, a health practitioner suggested I use Nayasa when flying to keep the germs from settling in my sinuses, and causing me to get sick.  Well, I can say, I’ve never been sick in the days after a flight, so it must work. 🙂 Just a few drops in each nostril and you are good to go for the entire flight. I love Ayurvedic products, and Nayasa Oil is a perfect tiny 1oz. addition to your carry on.  Buy Nayasa Oil Here.

Hello Croatia!

Want to visit Croatia?   Well, here are some great tips to know before you go to this beautiful and unique former Yugoslavian country.  Enjoy!

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