Abundant Travel Tips: British Airways Business Class

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British Airways Business Class - Worth the price?

Hello Travelers!  Hope everyone had a great Labor Day yesterday.  I had a great day, and I got to ride a horse for the first time in years.  I was once an avid rider and horse show girl, but that was a lifetime ago; it sure felt good to be back in the saddle! This week, I’m sharing my experience on my British Airways flight from Austin to London Heathrow in Business Class along with a couple tips for getting the most out of your flights including how to get the best seats, and why I have credit cards from more than one airline.

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How to get the best seats on planes - Seat Guru

Have you ever heard of the seat guru?  The Seat Guru is a great website if you are looking for the best seats on a particular plane or airline.  I used this site for my BA Business Class flight from Austin to London to ensure I had the best seat in the house.  I didn’t want to be too close to the toilet or the cockpit, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too close to my neighbors.  Seat guru not only showed me the best seat on a map, the site gave me an explanation as to why that seat was the best.  I love this site, and I use it all of the time; give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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Multiple Airline Credit Cards

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The day after I returned from my fabulous trip to the French Riviera, I received a message that our upcoming British Airways flights had been cancelled.  Supposedly, BA regularly goes on strike in the fall. GEEZ!  

Wish someone had told me that before we booked our September flights. I proceeded to spend the next 2hr cursing BA as they had cancelled our flights less than 2 weeks before our departure date (ie. Expensive replacement tickets). There were 3 of us on this flight, and we had to get to our destination on time as we’d booked non-refundable hotels, boats, and excursions.  Luckily, my airline points were able to save the day. My friends only had points on American (BA affiliate), and I was lucky enough to have points on American, United and Delta. I was able to book a last minute flight for all 3 of us on United with my points.  My friends were able to pay me back with their American points, and we all saved over $2000 each on the full priced one way tickets.  Moral of the story: you can be loyal to one airline partner, but you might want to have point credit cards for multiple airlines! 🙂 

British Airways Business Class - Was it worth it?

Of course it’s always worth having lay flat seats on a long-haul flight, but I must say, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the aspects of the plane and my flight.   Let me know if you’ve flown BA business class; I’d love to hear what you thought of your flight.

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