Abundant Travel Tips: Amazon Prime Day & Die with Zero

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Trip Planning & Travel Hacking

I can’t help myself….As soon as I return from a trip, I have to jump on the computer and start planning my next adventure.  It’s the dangling carrot, the something to look forward to, my reason for being.  Also, this time of year, my real estate business settles down so I’m able to travel more and for longer periods of time….And, I in the past week, I’ve gone crazy and booked a trip to Boulder, Co, a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico, and a trip to Southern Spain.  Each location has it’s cache; get out of the Austin heat in Boulder, visit a healer in Guadalajara and return to my happy place on the Med in Espana.  The best part of all these bookings is that they were all FREE!  Yes, FREE!  I am a travel hacker, specifically with “credit card churning”, and I book as much as I can on credit card points.  Below are my recent savings…and I still have more points to use 🙂

Flight to Boulder: $257
Hotel Boulder 5 nights: $1066
Hotel Guadalajara 5 nights: $981
Flight to Spain Business & Coach:  $3233
Hotel Malaga 5 nights: $710

Stay tuned!  I’m working on a video and program to help you travel hack.

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Amazon Prime Day!

June 21 & 22 are Amazon Prime Days.  There are over 2,00,000 deals available on this cyber sale!!!  Check out all the travel goodies on The Abundant Traveler Page.  Happy shopping 🙂

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Die with Zero?!

A fellow traveler and FI (financial independence) friend recommended that I read a book titled Die with Zero by Bill Perkins.  I thought, what a bizarre name for a book; what a morbid and scary thought to think about dying, and dying with nothing to your name, but I ordered the book anyway.  And I have to say, I’m blow away with this book!  The premise behind the book is to ‘bank’ experiences, not just money, and make sure to take the appropriate experiences at the appropriate age.  You don’t want to be 75 backpacking through Europe staying in hostels; you need to do that in your 20s.  I’m loving this book because it meets your retirement money fears head on with discussions about inheritance money for your kids and for charity, when you should stop working, and what if you get critically ill when you get older.  I am shocked how much this book has made me think about what I’m doing today with my life, and I think everyone would benefit from reading this book.

Travel Hair Dryers

This week’s video is all about travel hair dryers.  I’ve been looking for a great compact travel hair dryer for a while, so I decided to try all of them from Amazon.  Watch the video and let me know what you think?  Remember, you can purchase the hair dryers in the description below the video, or click this link to the blog post on my website.

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