Welcome to a new segment on my channel, a Q&A where you send me your travel dilemma, and I share my experiences and do a little research to answer your questions. I hope you find this information useful and valuable!

Question #1:

How many cities should/could I visit in a one week timeframe if traveling abroad?  Mandy-Austin, TX

I recommend traveling abroad for more than a week.  It is so hard to fly to a foreign country, get acclimated, see all you want to see and get back home in 7 days.  I’d suggest staying for 2 weeks if possible.

If you only have a week, I would stay in no more than 3 cities.  Remember, you not only have travel time to the foreign country, but you will have travel time in between the cities.  You want to make sure you have enough time to see everything you want to see as well as have some downtime to relax on your vacation.

The type of city is something else to think about when booking your trip.  You might want to visit a large city, then a small town, then another large city.  Break it up, and take a breather between all the chaos of large cities.

Finally, if you really need to maximize the number of locations on your week abroad, stay longer in cities at the beginning of your trip, and shorter at the end.  The beginning of your trip, you are jet lagged, you don’t understand the transportation systems, and your not sure how to get around. The longer you are in a foreign country, the more acclimated you become, and the quicker and easier it is for you.

Question #2:

Hotels vs. Airbnb, what are the pros?

Hotel Pros:

I choose hotels when in a big group or traveling solo.  I, honestly feel a little safer in a hotel with people around me when I’m alone, and hotel amenities make life a little bit easier.

Remember, the hotel staff are there to look after you.  The concierge will book restaurants, tours and entertainment.  The front desk staff will provide your key and the bellmen will show you to your room.  Not all hotels have these perks, but they are really nice to have. And as a bonus, your breakfast is usually included.  I also find that throughout the world, hotel rooms are generally the same. At a hotel, you won’t have to spend time figuring out the coffee maker, or how the shower works.  Another advantage to hotels are the bookings. You typically don’t have to pay in advance which is a great perk.

Transportation to and from a hotel is usually easier as well.  Hotels are well marked, well known and simpler to find. Taxi drivers don’t always know where the door to your Airbnb is located.

As a final note, I like to stay in hotels when visiting for just a day or two; short stays work very well for hotels. If I’m only in town a couple days, I want to be focused on my itinerary of attractions and events, not the logistics.  In summary, I choose hotels when I need convenience and ease.

Airbnb Pros:

I truly enjoy Airbnbs when I want to live like a local.  It’s just delicious to walk out of an apartment in the morning to grab my coffee instead walking through a lobby full of people.

Airbnbs may be a bit more difficult to maneuver at check-in, but once you’re there, you feel at home.  You typically have an entire apartment, which means more space to unpack, relax and sprawl. They are also great when traveling with one or two friends, as you can sit and relax and enjoy each other’s company, as if you were at home.

Airbnbs are also a great option for people with dietary restrictions.  You typically have a kitchen, where you are able to cook your own meals according to your diet.  I, personally, make a protein shake every morning with my greens and supplements, and it’s great to have access to a blender, glasses and cutlery.

Finally, I choose Airbnbs for my extended stays.  If I’m staying for more than 3 days, I want more space to relax and work.  I also want to get the local vibe, meet the neighbors and visit the grocery store and a local coffee shop.  Hotel rooms just don’t provide these feelings.

Kathleen, thank you so much for your question; I hope you found my thoughts helpful.

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