A Travel App & Travel Credit Card You’ll Love

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Happy Tuesday!

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This week I’m sharing last chance credit card alert, one of my favorite travel apps, and a perfect packing organizer.  Also, make sure to check out this weeks YouTube video about my 15 favorite murals in Austin.

Credit Card

The 100,000 point bonus for the new Bonvoy Brilliant American Express and Bonvoy Business American Express end this week.  The cards range between $125-$450 a year, but you receive 100,000 points if you spend $5000 in the first 3 months as well as up to $300 Marriot credit while on property.  Additionally, you receive Gold Elite Status, as well as 1 night free worth 50,000 points on your anniversary date. Daily spending is 6x for Marriott stays, 3x for US restaurants and flights booked directly with airlines and 2x for everything else.   The 100,000 points is a screaming deal if you are a credit card hacker like me.

Travel App

One of my favorite travel apps is the Rome2Rio app.  Most of us don’t realize the distances between cities we want to visit.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I’m going to Italy for a week, and I’m visiting Capri, Rome, Venice, Florence and flying out of Milan”.  Well, that’s bananas; don’t try to see so many places in one week!  Anyway, the Rome2Rio app is like google maps, you plug in your location and next destination and it gives you ALL the modes of transportation, pricing and travel time. It’s my favorite app to use when planning my trips; it allows me to make sure I allocate enough travel time between destinations.  Wouldn’t you hate to miss your gondola ride in Venice because you had to catch a train to Milan?

Rome2Rio Travel App, Abundant Travel Tips

Packing Organizer

Are you like me?  Do you roll your clothes when traveling?  You feel so cool, and super organized after packing, but by the time you arrive at your hotel, your suitcase is a wreck.  Well, I have the solution for you.   Silly Bands. Do you remember all the kids wearing these as bracelets by the dozens?  Well, they are still around and are great to hold your rolled clothes so your suitcase stays neat and organized.  I love them because they don’t cause wrinkles like normal rubber bands do.  Make sure to purchase the silicon ones, and buy in bulk as they aren’t super strong. Buy them here.

This week’s YouTube video

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