Guide to Austin’s Farmer’s Markets | Best Farmer’s Market in Austin

Looking for something fun to do this weekend in Austin? I’ve got the place for you: head over to one of our amazing farmer’s markets. In true Austin fashion, each have their own personality, but they are all super eclectic with musicians, artists, live music, and of course, FOOD! I visited the Barton Creek and Downtown Farmer’s Markets on Saturday and Mueller and Hope Farmer’s Markets on Sunday. I hope you get the chance to visit!

Vendors mentioned:

Mum Foods

Belle Vie Farm


Sweet Design Thyme

This weekend, I want to share another reason why I love Austin Texas, the Farmers Market.

Welcome to the Barton Creek farmers market. This Farmers Market is on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00, some of the highlights are mom’s food for their famous brisket and their sausages, I love Richardson Farms to pick up the cheese and my eggs and my favorite is to have a little breakfast at Tamale Addiction, let’s go see what they have in store for us today.

All my goodies from Barton Creek Farmers Market, one of the reasons I love this market is it’s quite small, you can get in and out plenty of parking, easy to get around and in about 30 minutes, I bought all of this booty. I’m back from the Barton Creek Farmers Market, I parked my car in my building and I am walking over to Republic Square for the downtown Farmers Market.

There’s chocolate, there’s cider, there’s honey and jerky, jewelry, delicious hot and cold coffee, tamale sunflower seed humus, everything you need for the week.

Most of the vendors at Republic Square offer samples so you can actually try before you buy. The republic square market is definitely eclectic, you have poets, you have kids. Saturday Farmers Market at Republic Square it’s a wrap, some at the Mueller market at Sunday morning about 11 o’clock, this is such a big market people everywhere and lots of kids and lots of dogs, it’s very, very kid-friendly so if you have kiddos, this is definitely the Farmers Market to come to, they have a playground, they have more music, everybody’s out with a stroller just having a great time. The Mueller market has a great peaceful Sunday morning vibe.
Now, I’m trying to send people, this is not cooked, it’s just fermented, it sits out and it’s fermented and the spacing is just delicious.
Three down and one to go, let’s head to hope.

I’m at the Hope farmers market and bless us on to you, this is quintessential East Austin.

Kim: Avocado ice cream?

Vendor: Yes, you want to try some?

Kim: Yes

Vendor: I mean vegan and it’s also gluten-free on a pot of ice cream, the avocado is really just for the texture, it provides a little more fat in the vegan ice cream.

Kim: Deliciousness?

Vendor: Yes exactly, that too.

Kim: I’ve never had an avocado ice cream before so let’s see, let’s check it out. So good, I love that avocado fat and the sugar.

So, that’s a wrap for Farmers Market in two days, Barton Creek and Republic Square on Saturday and hope at Muller on Sunday.

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