Welcome to 2020! I have never been more excited about traveling and more importantly INSPIRING YOU to get out there and see the world! Today, I’m giving you a more intimate look into my life and sharing my 2020 new year’s resolutions. I have 10 goals to share with you this video. Make sure to comment where you think I should go for a tropical getaway or share your 2020 goals! Keep watching for goal setting inspiration.

  1. Get out in nature more. Hike the Dolomites and hike more in Austin.
  2. Celebrate my 50th birthday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with my friends
  3. Go to a Joe Dispenza conference
  4. Impact 50,000 people with the Abundant Traveler
  5. Up my morning ritual and be more consistent
  6. Spend a month in Spain
  7. Work through my Austin Bucket List
  8. Create passive income with 3 more rental properties
  9. Go on an exotic trip full of adventure
  10. Spend Christmas in Kitzbuhel, Austria

What are your goals for 2020? Share in the comments below!



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