My Favorite Tacos in Austin – TOP 5 TACOS

Today, I’m taking you on a tour of the top 5 Tacos in Austin, from a local’s perspective.


I’ve been in Austin for 30 years and that gave me plenty of time to try out every kind of taco you could think of. From taco trucks, to 5 star restaurants. I’ve narrowed it down and here are my five favorite tacos.


1. Migas with Poblano

The first stop is Veracruz Naturale. This is not the original location on the East side; This is in South Austin and the Radio Coffee shop. We are starting here because this is our only breakfast tacos. The Migas are a must but make sure to get them with poblanos on top. It’s 50 cents extra but it’s so worth it. What makes Veracruz Natural so delicious is their handmade tortillas which are thick and juicy. In your first bite you’ll find that the eggs are perfectly cooked. The poblanos give a little bit of texture a little bit of spice to it and a little bit of smokiness.  Trust me – this is a winner!

2. Tortas De Coliflor

We’re staying in South Austin for my second favorite taco. It’s only about a mile and ahalf away from Radio, our last stop. Papalote is a more traditional restaurant located at South Lamar and Manchaca. This is the only vegetarian option on my list with cauliflower, cabbage, queso fresco and avocado. It has this red ajo sauce which is so delicious gives a little bit of spice. Papalote has three locations in Austin and they offer various animal parts like Tongue on their menu! They also have hongas and huitlacoche.


3. El Picocito

For the third stop, we are still in South Austin but we’re headed a little bit further west just past Zilker Park to my absolute favorite taco restaurant called Taco Deli. The El Picocito has beef tenderloin and a chipotle sesame, with avocado and queso fresco. As far as sauces go, Taco Delis is very famous for the Dona salsa which is made with jalapenos. People will fly into Austin
specifically for this Dona sauce! Taco Deli is only open for breakfast and lunch so make sure to stop by before 3 p.m. Every day they have different special tacos so make sure you’re looking at not just a regular menu but the special menu as well. Taco Deli has several locations but the original on Spyglass is the most iconic with the old-school Austin picnic tables. A great thing to do at the Spyglass location is to get your tacos to-go and then go down to the green belt and eat the tacos by the water.

4. Wild Boar Chorizo with Grilled Shrimp

Now we’re leaving the old hippie side of South Austin and we are headed to the urban oasis to the heart of downtown at 2nd and Congress. On the ground floor of the Wells Fargo building, there is a group of local restaurants that have
small satellites with limited menus. This special place is called Fareground. This is my favorite place to come for tacos at night for dinner because it’s a bit fancier (perfect for date night!) The wild boar chorizo at Dai Due is one of the best tacos I’ve ever tried. If you’ve never tried wild boar, it’s a little bit richer than pork with more of a herbacious flavor.

5. Al Pastor

Now we’re leaving downtown before the five o’clock traffic starts and we’re headed over to the east side to Rosita’s
Al Pastor, located on East Riverside in a parking lot. They have the most delicious al pastor tacos and some days they have carnitas. The tacos are traditional al pastor that is marinated overnight. The only things they add to them are onion and fresh
cilantro. I like to add a little bit of lime on top.



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I hope you enjoyed my video of my five favorite tacos in Austin!


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